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Taurius is professional videographer/photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. He has Degree of Audiovisual Art, since 2000 he has been shooting different works in commercial, fashion, corporate, advertising, food and television industries. In his portfolio are different Lithuanian TV shows, serials as ‘Emilija”, “Moterys meluoja geriau” and others. Working in Television he has got an experience not only as camera man, but also as a second producer of different talking shows of National Lithuanian Television.

He is professional camera man, who knows all the technical aspects of shooting and photography. Apart it, Taurius also performs sound and video mixing, from 2010 works as Graphic designer and use various advanced technologies to develop high quality visuals.

Taurius always strives to create new images and capture those valuable moments that meet the project requirements of his clients. His passion for photography and videography is seen in his unique design skills and creative works.

He manages each project completely and plans everything, from casting models, scouting for locations and organising a team.  

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  • 085 7638916
  • Dublin
  • taurius.v@gmail.com ; info@photovideodesign.eu
  • www.photovideodesign.eu



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